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©Rhythm And Blues Records 2011

More than any other city in the world, New Orleans has been responsible for shaping the sound of twentieth century popular music. Sweeping statement that may be, but as the birthplace of jazz, funk and arguably rock’n’roll, it really has no other contenders. At the heart of these three widely different varieties of music lies the rhythmic complexity of second line parade drumming. Its two-beat patterns combining military band and Caribbean rhythms underpin the early recordings of Louis Armstrong as much as they do those of Little Richard and James Brown. This compilation highlights some of the distinguishing characteristics found in early New Orleans recordings, not with the intention of picking out the city’s finest jazz and blues recordings but in order to pinpoint styles that would foreshadow later developments in the rhythm and blues field.

Key Elements of New Orleans R&B

Low, greasy, horn sections of baritone and tenor saxes playing chords in unison

Percussive, staccato piano rhythms played in triplets and rolling piano arpeggios

A tendency to play in a slower tempo with a more laid-back feel

A preference for traditional eight or sixteen-bar harmonic song structure over the twelve-bar blues format

Two-bar rhythmic phrasing similar to that found in the Caribbean

A unique rhythmic tension derived from bands playing straight time and shuffle time simultaneously

Disc One Mardi Gras In New Orleans
Roy Brown - Paul Gayten - Larry Darnell - George Miller’s Mid-Driffs - Professor Longhair - Smiley Lewis
Disc Two Going To The River
Fat Man Mathews – Archibald - Sugar Boy Crawford - Fats Domino – Guitar Slim - Dave Bartholomew



Disc One

1. Good Rockin' Tonight Roy Brown
2. Mellow Woman Blues The Johnson Brothers
3. For You My Love Larry Darnell
4. New Orleans Lover Man Chubby Newsome
5. Boogie's The Thing George Miller
6. Still My Angel Child Alma Mondy
7. El Ritmo Little Brother Montgomery
8. Hey Little Girl Paul Gayten
9. Mardi Gras Joe Lutcher
10. Mardi Gras In New Orleans Professor Longhair
11. Carnival Day Dave Bartholomew
12. The Fat Man Fats Domino
13. I'll Never Be Free Annie Laurie with Paul Gayten
14. Whose Hat Is That (Alternative) Roy Brown
15. Lost My Baby Larry Darnell
16. Hey Now Baby Professor Longhair
17. Country Boy Dave Bartholomew
18. 3x7=21 Jewel King
19. Bear Hug Paul Gayten
20. Stack A Lee Archibald
21. Growing Old Smiley Lewis
22. Dinah Smilin' Joe
23. Bald Head Professor Longhair
24. Ah Cubanas Dave Bartholomew
25. Tee Nah Na Smiley Lewis
26. Love My Baby Joe Turner
27. She's My Baby Fats Domino

Disc Two

1. Junco Partner James Wayne
2. Bon Ton Roula Clarence Garlow
3. Soon As I Go Home Archibald
4. Teachin' & Preachin' Royal Kings
5. Goin' Home Fats Domino
6. Lawdy Miss Clawdy Lloyd Price
7. Kiss Me Baby Dave Bartholomew
8. Jumpin' With Jarvis Papa Lightfoot
9. The Bells Are Ringing Smiley Lewis
10. Tipitina Professor Longhair
11. Overboard Sugar Boy Crawford
12. Mother's Love The Humming Four
13. The Things That I Used To Do Guitar Slim
14. Feelin' Sad Ray Charles
15. Jock-O-Mo Sugar Boy Crawford
16. Who Drank My Beer? Dave Bartholomew
17. Big Mamou Smiley Lewis
18. Oke-She-Moke-She-Pop Big Joe Turner
19. Well I Done Got Over It Guitar Slim
20. Who's Been Foolin' Professor Longhair
21. Baby Shirley & Lee
22. I-Yi The Hawks
23. Down The Line Fat Man Mathews
24. Mardi Gras Mambo Jody Levens
25. Rack 'Em Back Bobby Mitchell
26. Going To The River Fats Domino

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