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Buddy's Buddies - Holly For Hire 1957-59
Various Artists

© Rhythm Bomb Records 2010

Over the last three years, El Toro Records has been leading the field in systematically reissuing the neglected legacy of the late, great Buddy Holly. When Universal finally announced a box set of his complete recordings last year we thought that our task was over - but not so! The complete set turned out to be far from complete; so this final Buddy Holly release from El Toro Records has gathered the material ignored by the otherwise exemplary Universal box set, notably all those commercial recordings which featured Buddy as session-musician-cum-producer from his golden years of 1957-58 and a bonus CD to collate all the remaining radio/TV interviews and the live radio/TV/promo clips from 1958 that hadn't been featured in our previous volumes. Sandwiched in between, and taking advantage of our title of “Buddy’s Buddies”, we have a jam-packed compilation CD of talented Texas artists with whom Buddy crossed paths in the 1950s. Rave on!"

91 Tracks!
3 CD set
Beautifully packaged
18 page booklet



Disc: 1
1. Whole Lot Of Lovin' - Jim Robinson
2. It's a Wonderful Feeling - Jim Robinson
3. Starlight - Jack Huddle
4. Believe Me - Jack Huddle
5. By The Mission Wall - Fred Crawford
6. Man From Texas - Jim Robinson
7. Broken Promises - Sherry Davis
8. Humble Heart - Sherry Davis
9. Sugartime - Charlie Phillips
10. One Faded Rose - Charlie Phillips
11. Moondreams - Norman Petty Trio
12. Real Wild Child - Ivan
13. Oh You Beautiful Doll - Ivan
14. If I Had Known - Ken James
15. Within My Heart - Ken James
16. I Sent You Roses - Jerry Engler
17. What A'You Gonna Do? - Jerry Engler
18. When Sin Stops - Waylon Jennings
19. Jole Blon - Waylon Jennings
20. Stay Close To Me - Lou Giordano
21. Don'tcha Know - Lou Giordano
22. Real Wild Child
23. Oh You Beautiful Doll Ivan 1
24. Oh You Beautiful Doll Ivan
25. When Sin Stops 1
26. When Sin Stops 2
27. When Sin Stops 3
28. When Sin Stops Waylon Jennings 4
29. When Sin Stops Waylon Jennings 5
30. When Sin Stops - Waylon Jennings 6
31. More And More -Waylon and Buddy
32. When You Are Lonely - Waylon & Buddy
Disc: 2
1. Hound Dog - The Four Teens
2. That Ain't Right - The Four Teens
3. Love's Made A Fool Of You - The Crickets
4. Someone, Someone - The Crickets
5. Leave Those Cats Alone - Don & His Roses
6. Baby My Heart - The Crickets
7. All My Love - Sonny West
8. Whatcha Gonna Do? - Earl Henry
9. When Sin Stops - The Nighthawks
10. Little Ditty Baby - Don Webb
11. Lookie, Lookie, Lookie - Ronnie Smith
12. When You Ask About Love - The Crickets
13. Deborah - The Crickets
14. That'll Be Alright - Ivan
15. My Babe - Ronnie Smith
16. School Is Out - Terry Wayne
17. Midnight Monsters' Hop
18. Fireball - The Fireballs
19. Ting-A-Ling - The Crickets
20. Because I Love You - Bob Montgomery
21. Talk About My Baby - Sonny Curtis
22. More Than I Can Say - The Crickets
23. My Suzanne - Earl Henry
24. Swingin' Daddy - Buddy Knox & The Rhythm Orchids
25. All A' Your Love - The Nighthawks
26. Right Now! - Don & His Roses
27. I Don't Know - Chuck Tharp & The Fireballs
28. Patty Baby - Terry Noland
29. Don't Do Me This Way - Terry Noland
30. Jitterbuggin' - The Five Bops (Hamilton 50023)
31. You've Got Love - Peanuts Wilson
32. An Empty Cup (And A Broken Date) - Roy Orbison
33. A Cat Called Domino - Roy Orbison & The Teen Kings
34. I Fought The Law - The Crickets
35. It's All Over - Niki Sullivan
36. Rave On! - Sonny West
Disc: 3
1. Oh Boy!
2. Everyday
3. That'll Be The Day
4. Drown In My Own Tears
5. Hallelujah! I Love Her So
6. Peggy Sue
7. That'll Be The Day
8. Oh Boy!
9. Maybe Baby
10. Interview With Pat Barton
11. Promo Spot For Radio WTRL
12. Interview With Bob Chesney
13. Promo Jingle
14. Promo Jingle To The Theme Of Peggy Sue
15. Interview With Alan Freed
16. Promo Spot For Radio
17. Interview With Ronnie King
18. Promo Spot For Radio KSYD
19. Interview With Dick Clark
20. Promo Spot For `Winter Dance Party'
21. Plane Crash Newscast

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