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Hot Wire (GERMANY)
PART-CD 684002
© Part Records 2009

HERE WE GO ONE MORE TIME…! Exactly at the same time like their debut CD „If It Ain’t Rock & Roll We’ll Fix It“ (Part-Cd 684.001) the four guys from Germany are bringing out one more longplayer – once again on Part Records: Tribute.The tracks presented on this 2nd album, recorded in 2009, are starting right from the point where the 1st album ends: Well known worldwide Rock and Pop chartbreakers, but played in their very own style of the 50s with the classic line up of vocals, guitar, drums and Double Bass. On this CD you can find 14 great studio recordings by artists such as Bruce Springsteen „I’m On Fire “, Roxette „The Look“, INXS „Mystify“, Madonna “Like A Prayer” und Red Hot Chilli Peppers “Under The Bridge” – just to mention a few. More versions by famous artists of the Rock & Roll /Rockabilly circuit are completing this CD “U.F.O.” by Belgium’s “Seatsniffers” and „F***in’ Sweet“ by “Hot Boogie Chillun” from Germany. Pop/Rock songs presented in the style of the 50s – all in the tradition of acts like „DICK BRAVE & THE BACKBEATS“ and „BOPPIN’ B“, played in their very own musical HOT WIRE style: Not only a band for the Rock & Roll /Rockabilly “scene” but also great music for everybody!


1. Tigerfeet
2. The Joker
3. Radio Sweetheart
4. I’m On Fire
5. Wonderful Life
6. Perfect
7. The Look
8. Mystify
9. Like A Prayer
10. Under The Bridge
11. U.F.O.
12. I Want You To Want Me
13. Mary Ann
14. F***in’ Sweet

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