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Guitar Ray (HOLLAND)
Live At The Nix
FR 2004-11
©Guitar Ray 2004

Raymond 'Guitar Ray' Nijenhuis - guitar/vocals
Jaap van der Sluijs - bass/vocals
Hans Molenaar - drums

Guitar Ray has got the GOODS. Rockin', stompin' and swinging guitar music that sets his audience on its heels” Duke Robillard writes in his liner notes for the CD Guitar Ray-
‘Live at the Nix’.

Every once in a while an album is released that just amazes you. It goes without saying that GitaarNet was already familiar with the energetic and talented guitar of Raymond "Guitar Ray" Nijenhuis, but his CD 'Live at the Nix' (with 'The Rhythm Dukes') hit us like a bombshell ! A masterful album that clearly shows Raymond to be a multi faced guitar player.
From 'swamp' roots blues, to country guitar pickin' and swinging licks; Guitar Ray sharply shows he knows his way around all these techniques and has developed his own style.
In short: a guitar player to be proud of and the Dutch ambassador in 'red hot roots & blues'.

In demand dutch roots & blues guitarist/singer Raymond “Guitar Ray” Nijenhuis is from The Netherlands and sure knows how to play that guitar. Raymond’s band is the Rhythm Dukes which consists of Hans Molenaar (drums) and Jaap van der Sluijs (bass/vocals). Over the years Guitar Ray has played with Duke Robillard (who contributed liner notes to this CD), Charlie McCoy, Sam 'Bluzman' Taylor,
Mitch Kashmar, Henry Butler and Sax Gordon only to name a few.

"Live At The Nix", was recorded live at The Nix BBBlues Club in Enschede, The Netherlands in November 2003 and released late in 2004. Nijenhuis and Mark Reman produced it. From the beginning of the opening track the all original “Rock Billy Rock!” to the last strums of the reprise; this release absolutely cooks.
In between is a mixture of more smoking originals like “Well D-Surfed”, “Taco Taco!” and “Brent New” and covers that are played with real feeling like “Rock On”, “Gee I Wish”, an up tempo country finger picker - Jerry Reed’s “Jerry’s Breakdown”, a awesome version of ”Chitlins Con Carne”, Link Wray’s “The Ramble” and “Reap What You Sow”.
”Live At The Nix” is one large dose of Red Hot Roots and Blues music from Guitar Ray and the Rhythm Dukes. You won’t be disappointed.
-John Bates, The Catalogue Man,  Australia


1. Rock Billy Rock!
2. Rock on
3. Gee I wish
4. Jerry's Breakdown
5. Well D-Surfed
6. Taco Taco!
7. Reap what you sow
8. Lonesome train
9. Chitlins con carne
10. Brent new
11. The Ramble
12. Rock Billy Rock! (reprise)

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"Great, great job. It really is an excellent record. I like every note of it, and every track is outstanding. I've been particularly blown away by the Jerry Reed tune and by Brent New, but really every tune is awesome. I think the cd does justice to the way you play the guitar, you really come across as a killer guitarist. There's a lot of original material on it, which is an excellent thing (especially because you are super as a composer as well). Yeah!! This is great!! Congratulations and I can't wait to hear the next one :-)”. Enrico Crivellaro (Italy’s foremost internationally acclaimed Blues ‘n ‘Roots guitar player)

"I LOVE 'Live at the Nix' I really dig your rockabilly-surf-twang thing, and the country pickin' stomps you do, along with the swingin' blues- it's a really great
mix of styles, and you do them all so well. You all are a shit-hot band!!!" - Ricky Nye, Cincinnati Boogie Woogie piano player

"There's not enough guitar players like Raymond 'Guitar Ray' Nijenhuis from Holland". Mitch Kashmar


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