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Casablanca Carambol Company(BELGIUM)

©Casablanca Carambol Company 2010

If you are into real fifties rock and roll and authentic rockabilly then these guys are certainly your poison. Combining influences from Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran to name but a few they produce a sound that is simply said Classic. The result of their efforts is an album with eleven inspiring self-penned songs and one cover on it. Hailing from Lier, Antwerp these guys are the real deal when it comes to roots music! Having shared the stage with The Seatsniffers", "Slim slip and the sliders" and tons of others they also supported Bill haley's original commets like the late Billy Goat Riders did years ago.

Moonlight is the debut album of the band and follows the beaten path of many other bands that shared the same style! But in all honesty that’s ok ‘cause they do it in a certain style and with a certain flair, that suits them well! Tunes like “Treat Me Right”, title track “Moonlight”, “My Baby left home” or “99” really do stand out against the others, but even then it’s hard to pick your favorite tune from this diamond quality recording. Next to the self penned songs you’ll find also one cover version of Charlie Feathers tune “Nobody’s woman”
Another stand-out track for sure.

With Moonlight, a self produced and recorded album by bass player Erik Le Clerq, The Casablanca Carambol Company puts a landmark in the history of the band. After three years gigging and rehearsing this is the final result of their work and let’s pray that it will be the first in a long line of many great recordings.
Mr. Blue Boogie.

Casablanca Carambol Company has grown from two long-time friends, ..Johnny 'guitar' and Little E. ....

They developed their love for music at Johnny's parents farm, with numberous of jamsessions after their hard work... Old time rythm & blues and million dollar quarted was uniting them since they where twelve. ....

After a tragic accident at the greenhouse, wich almost ripped off Johnny's hand, nobody thought he could play the guitar anymore. But he was determend to play again, starting from scratch with absolutly no feeling in his hand. His recovery took a while, but when you hear him play people believe this is a miracle.

.... in 2007 they teamed up with "Too Tall" Pierre, known for his bombastic drumming and "Lazy Jay" who stands as a rock in a summer breeze, playing fingerpicks and clean solos as if he was born to do it.....

Finally the band was a true fact, playing their first gig in a local bar and becoming the most popular rootsband in their hometown Lier, Antwerp!.. ..

They recorded their first Demo "Only for a dime" in 2007.

Their first album Moonlight was released in februari 2011.


1. ABC
2. 99
3. Goodbye
4. You're all I need
5. Moonlight
6. Bumblebee
7. Lonesome road
8. Treat me right
9. My baby left home
10. Little girl
11. Nobody's woman
12. Pretend I'm gone

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