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The Caravans (UK)
Whiskey, Women & Loaded Dice
NO BICD 00002
© Part Records 2010

Mark Penington - Leadvocals, Guitars
Paul Lambourne - Doublebass
Lee Barnet - Drums, Background Vocals

2008, was the bands 25th anniversary and they had never been so busy - A sell out show in Berlin, festival performances with Levi Dexter, Bedlam Breakout headliners, and finally The West Coast tour Of USA !! LA, Vegas, A radio show in San Francisco, Long Beach, Santa Cruz followed, Phoenix Arizona was all but sold out, terminating in San Diego & hundreds of cd’s sold it was back to UK. Over the years The Caravans have recorded and released over 50 compilation album tracks, so they decided to take the best of them and re record them at STUDIO 1 @ The Soundcraft Studios in Portsmouth UK . These are the tracks you will find on the CD WHISKEY, WOMEN & LOADED DICE - This is classic Neo Rockabilly and a long way from the nu sound of NO MERCY & LESS SMOKE, MORE POWDER probably an indication of where the band will go in the future. But make no mistake, as the years roll by they still sound as fresh as they did In the Eighties and will continue to find new pastures musically!


1. Gypsy Girl
2. Ol' River Blue
3. Whiskey Women and Loaded Dice
4. Dirty Lil' Town
5. Workshy Blues
6. Breakout
7. Gonna Love Ya
8. Myspace Mama
9. Lone Some Me
10. Baby Blue Eyes
11. The Man I Killed
12. Gun Beats Four Aces
13. Nuthin' But A Nuthin'
14. The Velvet Claw
15. Mystery Girl

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