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The Burnette Brothers (USA)
If You Want It Enough 1956/59
(Double CD)

© El Toro Records 2011

Having told the story of the Burnettes' legendary Rock 'n' Roll Trio from beginning to acrimonious end (ETDVD 10010 see below), El Toro Records now takes the story of the talented Memphis-born brothers forward from the parting of the ways in 1956 through their separate relocation to the West Coast and their happy reconcilliation a year later, and on to their subsequent fine recordings both individually and collaboratively until they each began to enjoy national chart success in the early 1960s.
They were known amongst their contemporaries for their fiery tempers, but this passion was often channelled into some of the most exciting music of the rock 'n' roll era - take a listen!

After its good work on Buddy Holly’s 1956 sides, El Toro released another batch of rockabilly classics with one of the most influential band of the era : The Johnny Burnette Trio. I won’t make a song by song review as they are all familiar to almost everybody here and the interest of this release is elsewhere. Probably for a question of right the last session held by the Trio (by convenience I use the term trio but it is clearly known today, and the very well written 8 page booklet explains it too, that for some sessions Dorsey Burnette and Paul Burlison parts were played by studio musicians) in 1957 that gave If You Want It Enough, Butterfingers, Eager Beaver Baby and Touch Me is not included here. Instead you have their Von single (Go Along Mule and an earlier version of You’re Undecided) as well as live takes of Tear It Up and Oh Baby Babe. For those who possesses the Bear Family release (BCD 15474) the main interest of this release besides this live version is the DVD included here which features The Rock’n’Roll Trio appearance in an amateur contest TV Show, some kind of Pop Idol of the day, performing Hound Dog. Until now I only knew the footage of the Johnny, Paul and Bill Black’s brother in the movie “Rock Rock Rock” so it’s a real thrill to watch more material from them. The dvd features the complete show, including commercials, which is very fun to watch even if most of the act are not rock’n’roll related. A must have for any rock’n’roll fan. Author: Fred "Virgil" Turgis -


CD 1
1 Dorsey Burnette - Let's Fall In Love
2 Dorsey Burnette - The Devil's Queen
3 Dorsey Burnette - Jungle Magic
4 Dorsey Burnette - At A Distance
5 Johnny Burnette - Touch Me
6 Johnny Burnette - Eager Beaver Baby
7 Johnny Burnette - Butter Fingers
8 Johnny Burnette - If You Want It Enough
9 Dorsey Burnette - Bertha Lou
10 Dorsey Burnette - Til The Law Says Stop
11 The Burnette Brothers - Warm Love
12 The Burnette Brothers - My Honey
13 The Burnette Brothers - Boppin' Rosalie
14 The Burnette Brothers - Do Baby Do
15 Johnny Burnett - I'm Restless
16 Johnny Burnett - Kiss Me
17 Johnny Burnette - Gumbo
18 Johnny Burnette - Me And The Bear
19 Johnny Burnette - Kiss Me
20 Dorsey Burnette - Try
21 Dorsey Burnette - You Came As A Miracle
22 Dorsey Burnette - I Only Came Here To Dance
23 Dorsey Burnette - It's Late
24 Dorsey Burnette - Lonely Train
25 Dorsey Burnette - Misery
26 Dorsey Burnette - Your Love
27 Dorsey Burnette - Way In The Middle Of The Night
28 Dorsey Burnette - Lonely Train
1 Johnny Burnette - Sweet Baby Doll
2 Johnny Burnette - I'll Never Love Again
3 Johnny Burnette - Love Kept A-Rollin'
4 Johnny Burnette - That's All I Care
5 Johnny Burnette - I'll Never Love Again
6 Dorsey Burnette - I Believe What You Say
7 The Texans - Green Green Grass Of Texas
8 The Texans - Bloody River
9 The Burnette Brothers - Just Keep On Goin'
10 The Burnette Brothers - I'm Happy
11 Johnny Burnette - Settin' The Woods On Fire
12 Johnny Burnette - Kentucky Waltz
13 The Texans - Ole Reb
14 The Texans - Rockin' Johnny Home
15 The Burnette Brothers - You're Cheatin' On Me
16 The Burnette Brothers - You're Cheatin' On Me
17 The Burnette Brothers - You're Cheatin' On Me
18 The Burnette Brothers - Ballad Of The One-Eyed Jacks
19 The Burnette Brothers - Blue School Days
20 The Burnette Brothers - Just Keep On Goin'
21 The Burnette Brothers - Just A Memory
22 Dorsey Burnette - Circle Rock
23 Dorsey Burnette - House With A Tin Roof Top
Bonus tracks
24 Ricky Nelson - Believe What You Say
25 Johnny Faire - Til The Law Says Stop
26 Bob Luman - Whenever You're Ready (AKA "Let's Fall In Love")
27 Ricky Nelson - It's Late
The Ring A Dings - Snacky Poo
29 The Ring A Dings - Snacky Poo #2

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