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The B-Stars (USA)
Behind The Barn With
© Rust Belt Recordings 2010

Greg Yanito / Vocals, guitar
Eric Reedy / Bass, vocals
Mikiya Matsuda / Steel guitar
Bill McKenna / Electric guitar, backup vocals
Billy Zelinski / drums

'The B-Stars’ debut album Behind the Barn with The B Stars was recorded over a couple of rainy weeks in Oakland, California at The Wally Sound. Produced by Lee Jeffriess, the steel guitar master behind Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys, the album was recorded live to 2” analog tape with minimal overdubs and effects to capture the sound of the band, rather than the sound of an engineer’s and producer’s interpretation of the band. Guest musician Carl Sonny Leyland is featured on piano on 4 tracks, including the Gene O’Quin version of “Texas Boogie.” Featuring 10 original tracks by Eric Reedy and Greg Yanito, and 2 cover songs, the album captures the vintage vibe of an early 1950s Capitol Records radio record.

'"If Carl Smith, Hank Williams, Merrill Moore, Wayne Hancock, Big Sandy are sweet words to your ears, be sure to add The B-Stars to your list."
-Fred "Virgil" Turgis, Jumpin’ from 6-6, November 2010

"This San Francisco band reminds me a bit of Johnny Dilks from that same area, and also the Horton Brothers, with occasional hints of Wayne Hancock, Buck & The Black Cats and even the Maddox Brothers. All those are favorites of mine, so you can infer that I like the B Stars too! Some of the guitar playing and songwriting is what reminded me of Buck & The Black Cats - a band which I miss a lot! They also have steel, piano (Carl Sonny Leyland sitting in for 4 tracks) and a usual complement of upright bass and drums behind the totally Rockabilly approved approach to Hillbilly music. What I mean is all of it is danceable. The songwriting is very good, and spot on in the Hillbilly modes they are plying!" -Marc Bristol, Blue Suede News, Summer 2010

"Vinyl is the only thing missing in the authenticity department of their CD, Behind the Barn with the B Stars, but this is a small point. The sepia and Sun Records motif of the artwork, the pilgrimage to Wally Sound recording studio in Oakland, and a producer like Lee Jeffriess (Big Sandy, Johnny Dilks) are enough to tell us that something traditional is afoot. Think Lucky Stars for a contemporary reference or Lefty Frizzell for an older one." -Jose Segue, Hicks With Sticks, May 2010

"Behind the Barn with The B Stars is quite simply wonderful. The B-Stars are one of those rare, mythic beasts that defies categorization. They aren't Country and they aren't Rockabilly. What they are is a breath of fresh air. Each beautifully crafted track takes you on a journey through America's back yard, passing through Nashville, Texas and Memphis with more than a hint of California thrown in for good measure."


1. Ink Free Baby of Mine
2. Drunk on Whiskey
3. Duckin' and Dodgin'
4. Texas Boogie
5. Left It All Behind
6. Women and Wine
7. Pretty Baby
8. Back Up Buddy
9. Sweet Little Things
10. Walking Home Alone
11. Trouble Free State of Mine
12. Broken Down and Blue

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CD PRICE - UK £9.99
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